About Us

Just as in our personal lives, there are many decisions we must make for our business every day. The key to success is reducing the number of decisions needed in a day and focusing on what makes your organization money. This is where Buffalo Computing Technology comes in.

Don’t let the name fool you - Buffalo Computing Technology isn’t just computers. Diversity in experience is one of they vital keys to success that we bring you. Bringing over 14 years of experience working with small to Fortune 100 business, we have a keen understanding into what make business work. 

It's Who We Are

Our mission is clear - we eliminate challenges for small to medium business with well thought out technological planning and solutions through an intimate understanding of your business goals and objectives. 


Born and raised in Amherst, New York Allan Karchefsky studied for and completed both his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Medaille College. In addition to his formal education, he has led and advised business ranging from small private companies to fortune 500 entities for business operations, technological solutions, business planning, project management and sales.